State Wyoming

Hometown Lyman

Age 26

Instagram @misswyusa



Lexi Revelli is a proud Wyoming native. She enjoys yoga, writing poetry, playing the ukulele and any outdoor activity, especially hiking and kayaking. Her passion for teaching and promoting holistic health has turned into her career where she is both a certified foot zone practitioner specializing in muscle testing and a licensed esthetician.   She believes in using natural resources to support one’s mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.  She was driven to the world of holistic health after her brother died from a prescription drug overdose.  As a former collegiate athlete on the cheerleading team at Mesa State University, Lexi hopes to continue promoting health and wellness by finding balance between western medicine and holistic health.

Having competed 9 years for my chance to grace the Miss USA stage, I have undoubtedly learned a lot about myself through the experience.  I have faced much adversity with the death of my brother, a boyfriend, and my dad.  To be honest, the pageant has always been my motivator and what has kept me focused during times of tragedy.  All of life’s obstacles have led me to this exact moment.  This isn’t the conventional path I envisioned for my journey to the Miss USA stage, having just found out that I would take over the state title two short weeks prior to heading to Memphis, but something about it seems just right and where I am meant to be.  I attribute this clear mindset and overwhelming sense of calm to my background and training in yoga, which ultimately saved me following the death of my father.  I want the judges to know I believe in fate and that everything happens for a reason; I believe I can use my story as a beacon of hope for other young girls to know that the road may be bumpy and unconventional at times, but the outcome can be beautiful.

My ambition is to always live life with purpose.  Following the untimely death of my brother, my family started a non-profit organization in my brother Carson’s memory called Carson Cares.  We have worked to give back to our community by offering scholarships and doing other donation-based service projects.  I would love to continue the work in my brother’s name while tackling the issue of prescription drug abuse by educating people on the holistic healing approach as an alternative.  My ultimate dream in this space would be to own a large farm where I could open a wellness retreat center for people to come and connect with nature.  The programing would consist of horse riding, herbal apothecary, healing music, meditation, and more.  


  • I have helped raise many wild animals, such as squirrels and raccoons, thanks to my mom’s work at a vet clinic.

  • I was Homecoming Queen in high school.

  • I like to write poetry and sometimes it comes out like a rap!