State California​

Hometown London, UK

Age 25

Instagram @misscausa



Allyshia Gupta was originally born in London and immigrated to the United States as a young girl. She grew up on a rural farm in Florida with over 30 types of different animals- from peacocks to chameleons! Growing up with a single mother who owned a business, Allyshia was inspired to one day become a female figure in business as well.


After tragically losing her brother at 15, she decided to leave her home to live and study in Europe by herself to find a fresh start. She spent two years abroad, obtaining advanced level qualifications with the highest honors in Philosophy of Religion and Science, Psychology and Business. She later returned to the United States and attended Auburn University where she graduated with a degree in Business Administration.

Allyshia’s creative nature started at the age of three and has never stopped. Her paintings and artwork have been featured in more than 16 galleries and shows and are now being displayed through her non-profit organization, Care to Create. Allyshia has always dreamed of competing in the Miss Universe Organization, but was unable to until this year due to her immigration status. She is now a proud United States citizen living out her American dream by competing in the Miss USA competition and chasing a dream she waited eight years at a chance for.


  • I believe a woman should be fearless and after losing my brother in a tragic motorcycle accident, I decided to face my fears and take a motorcycle certification class and obtain my motorcycle license shortly after turning 16. This was my main mode of transportation in college!

  • I singlehandedly started my own business when I was only 17 years old and sold it for a profit to a major chain retailer in the South East of the United States within two years.

  • I have recently become a United States Citizen this past year! Even though I’ve dreamed of competing for Miss USA since I was 18, I was not eligible to compete up until now. It took me eight years to complete the naturalization process and have the opportunity to live out this dream. In fact, when I won Miss California USA, I was wearing the same gown I had purchased eight years ago when I told myself one day I would go to MISS USA!